10 Graduation Party Decoration Ideas to Celebrate Your Graduate!

Your graduate has taken the classes, finished all their tests, and now they are going to put on that beautiful cap and gown to get their diploma or degree.

This is a very exciting time as they prepare to embark on a new chapter of their lives. Graduation is a huge accomplishment and deserves celebration. But since most graduations occur in late spring, how do you hold a celebration worthy of their achievement that doesn’t feel too hot or crowded, and presents the right ambience?

The answer: Rent an outdoor party tent and incorporate the graduation party ideas on this list! Read on for ten decorating ideas to create the perfect graduation celebration. 

Why Choose A Tent?

An outdoor frame tent is spacious and breezy and holds up to inclement weather. You can hold your celebration in your backyard or a park where your guests will have plenty of room to roam. Choose a smaller tent for intimate parties or a larger one when you expect many guests.

10 Graduation Party Tent Decorating Ideas

Your graduate has worked hard for this moment, so celebrate them in style! Here are some of our best tent decoration ideas for your graduation party. 

1. Use a Backdrop for Photos

A graduation celebration is the perfect time for photographs, so why not make them fun? Decorate a large backdrop for everyone to use. Set it up by the side of the tent and have your grad take pictures with family and friends. 

Paint the backdrop the colors of their college or high school, or cover it in flowers. If you want to keep it simple, make a plain wooden backdrop or hang curtains.

2. Get Some Balloons

Balloons are a popular and beautiful way to decorate. Create a balloon archway for the entrance of your party, or set up bunches of balloons. Tie balloons to the poles or frame of the tent. Choose balloons of the graduate’s favorite colors or colors to represent their school.

3. Display a Large Cutout of Their Graduation Year

Rent or buy giant numbers representing their graduation year. Not only is this the perfect backdrop behind people giving speeches and announcements, but it’s also a great photo opportunity for the graduate.

4. Use Pictures as Centerpieces

The party is all about the graduate! So celebrate them and how far they have come. Print out baby pictures and pictures taken throughout their years at school. Incorporate the pictures in the centerpieces on tables throughout the tent. 

5. Serve Food Decorated with School Colors

Remember that food can also be considered a decoration. Set up a food table in the tent. Decorate a cake or cookies to match your chosen theme. You could even display snacks in the shape of the numbers of the graduation year.

6. Decorate Outdoor Games 

You can make your graduation party fun and full of activities and games. Set up simple outdoor games like cornhole or croquet next to or inside the tent. 

Instead of using generic game equipment, decorate it! Paint the cornhole game or the croquet balls to look like the flag of the college they will be attending or the school they just graduated from.

7. Create Entrance Signs

Make sure your guests know what the party is all about. As they head into your party tent, have a large sign with the day’s schedule, special instructions for your guests, or your graduate’s name in giant letters. 

8. Set Up an Advice Board

We love to see a board where any guest can pin up advice they have written out for the graduate. Not only is it awesome to see what everyone has written, but decorate the board and choose specific colors of paper. 

9. Display the College Flag

If your high school student is heading to college or your graduate just finished it, display their college flag wherever you can! Place it on tables or hang it from the side of the tent. Make sure people know what your student accomplished.

10. Decorate with a Theme

For celebrating someone graduating from college, choose a theme to match their chosen profession. For example, if they have chosen to be an elementary school teacher, decorate the tables as if they were in a classroom. If they are a marine biologist, decorate with an under-the-water theme.

Choose Cabaret

At Cabaret, we agree that your graduate deserves the best. We can help you find the right size party tent for your graduation party. We can also provide the tables and chairs you need, as well as flooring, air conditioning, and more. With us, the whole process is easy! Let us worry about the setup so you can just focus on decorating.

Contact Cabaret Party Rental today, tell us all of your graduation party decoration ideas, and reserve your tent for the upcoming graduation!