Whether you are looking to heat a space for an outdoor event or want to expand your small business to include an outdoor heated space in the winter months, Cabaret Party Rentals has a heating solution for you. Our team provides outdooring heating services specific to your space, event, and the number of guests you are hosting. We will work with you through the event planning process to ensure your guests are comfortable. Cabaret Party Rentals can assist you with events throughout Manhattan, Brooklyn, Jersey City, and Hoboken.


What We


Cabaret Party Rentals provides scalable heating solutions for businesses and special events. We will set up, install, and operate all of the necessary tents and heating equipment for your indoor or outdoor space. Our team of professionals deliver state-of-the-art equipment and can rapidly transform a space into a functional heated room. Cabaret Party Rentals offers the following outdoor heating options:


Electric Patio Heaters: Our electric patio heaters are the most efficient patio heater available. They convert 98% of their energy into heat using radiant heat. The heaters are portable and can be ceiling mounted, making it simple and easy to customize your heated space. We recommend one heater per table of 2-4 guests for maximum effectiveness.

Diesel Heaters: Indirect-fired heaters are typically installed outside a structure with ductwork drawing the heated air inside the facility. This heater type works similarly to a home furnace by forcing outside air through a heat exchanger and into the space while diverting products of combustion outside of the space through a chimney.


For all of your heating needs, please discuss your event or space with our team and we will be sure to find a heating solution for you.


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If you are hosting an outdoor event or would like to keep your restaurant guests warm as these sit in outdoor seating, please contact Cabaret Party Rentals for your heating needs. We will work with you through the event planning process to ensure your space is comfortable and warm. Our team conveniently serves the tri-state area with the majority of our clients in Manhattan, Brooklyn, Hoboken, and Jersey City. Book your outdoor heating service today!