As many restaurants, bars, and venues continually adapt their outdoor seating to accommodate their customers and guests and abide by the COVID-19 safety restrictions, they are in need of adequate power distribution. The good news is, Cabaret Party Rental can provide quality power distribution, power generators, and expert event planning to ensure your guests are warm, comfortable, and safe. We can partner with your business to design social distancing solutions that work for you with the right amount of power for outdoor heating, lighting, and more.


Power Distribution


To abide by social distancing rules and welcome guests into your restaurant, bar, or venue safely, you may need extra space like a patio or rental tent and an electric patio heater to keep your guests warm. This is where Cabaret Party Rentals comes in. We can provide all of the above including power distribution so your guests can enjoy a warm meal outside while they socially distance. Cabaret Party Rental provides fully equipped power distribution to Hoboken, Jersey City, Manhattan, and Brooklyn.

For outdoor dining areas and social distancing spaces, running multiple electric patio heaters at once can quickly become complicated as each heater will require a separate breaker. Most business locations and event venues will not have enough breakers to support more than 2 or 3 heaters operating at one time. Thankfully, Cabaret Party Rentals has a solution. Our team can install weatherized power distribution to provide enough electricity for all of the electric heaters your business or event requires. From cables to distribution boxes, we can provide a custom solution to your power distribution needs.

Additionally, Cabaret Party Rentals can provide power generators of all types and sizes. Whether you need a portable generator that’s quiet, small, electric, an inverter, runs on diesel or runs on propane, we’ve got you covered!


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Your Power Distribution Needs!

Are you struggling to find social distancing solutions for your restaurant or event space? Contact Cabaret Party Rentals! Our team specializes in tent rental, electric patio heaters, and most importantly, adequate power distribution for your space. We conveniently serve Hoboken, Jersey City, Manhattan, Brooklyn, and everywhere in between. If you are in need of some event planning assistance, we are just the team to call. We look forward to hearing from you soon!