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At Cabaret Tent and Party Rental, we’re passionate about making all parties and events a success. With a long history of creating incredible events of all shapes and sizes, we have the knowledge and experience to meet all of your tent rental needs. Whether you’re looking for the perfect tent to host your magical wedding, canopy tents for an outdoor festival, or a large marquee tent for your corporate party, we’re here to make your event ideas a reality.


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Tent Rentals

With over 100 different tent sizes in 12 different varieties, we’re sure to have what you’re looking for. Our inventory includes:

  • Twin Peak Tents
  • Marquee Tents
  • Twin Tube Tents
  • Century Tents
  • Genesis Tents
  • Traditional Pole Tents
  • Frame Tents
  • Clear Top Tents
  • Canopy Tents
  • High Peak Tents
  • Jumbotrac Tents
  • Clearspan Tents

Event Rentals in the

Tri State Area

Need more than a tent to create your dream event? Cabaret Tent and Party Rental has all the party supplies you need to make your event go off without a hitch! Whether you’re looking for tables and chairs, a dance floor, bar equipment, lighting, or even dinnerware, we’ve got you covered. Take the stress out of event planning – let us handle all of your event rental needs.

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