Trac Tent Rentals

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Here at Cabaret Party Rental, we are consistently upgrading our equipment to the newest tents and party extras to ensure that you are getting the best for your event. Our number one priority is to get the best tent for your specific event. Learn more about what a Trac tent is.


What is Trac Tent?

A Trac Tent is classified as a hybrid frame tent, this is a mix between a frame tent and a clearspan tent. Overall the Trac tent makes for clear space when the event is live and does not consist of any poles or internal frames that connect to the ground. Along with the clear line of sight, the Trac tents offer a stronger frame making it perfect for any conditions that your event might go through.


The Advantages of Trac Tents

Trac tents have a lot of advantages compared to other tents, here is an overview of what we believe are the top advantages: 

  • Stability: Trac tents are known for their strong frame that allows for these tents to be put in most areas no matter what the weather conditions are. 
  • Openness: With Trac tents having no center poles, it allows for more room and no worry about sections feeling crammed
  • Versatility: Trac Tents are able to work in almost all settings, including weddings, corporate events, educational ceremonies, & award shows. There is no event a Trac tent can’t go with