You can control the dresses, the tuxes, the cake, the flowers, the hors ‘d’oeuvres, the wine, the music, and the venue. But on the most important day in your life, there’s one thing you still can’t control. The weather. Whether you plan to get married in the springtime where showers are a regular occurrence, or there just happens to be a thunderstorm headed your way on your wedding day, here are a few tips for not letting a little rain ruin your day.

Make An Alternate Wedding Plan

If you’re planning an outdoor wedding, it is imperative to have a “Plan B” in place as part of your overall wedding plan before the weather forecast tells you it might rain. This plan should include a backup venue as well as a budget. Oftentimes, outdoor venues have a substitute location in case of inclement weather. Check out the location and determine how your first-choice decor and equipment could be transferred into the alternate venue in case of rain. Determine if there would be other needs if the event were moved, such as additional tables, a stage, etc. Also, be prepared to alter your wedding budget to include any additional costs associated with the move. These last-minute changes may add plenty to your costs, so set aside extra “just in case” monies to ease our mind.

If your outdoor venue doesn’t have rainy day backup location, consider renting a tent. Using an experienced party tent rental company, you can have the security of knowing that your event will go on as planned with much less stress. And, most tent companies will allow you to add tent sides, only if there is bad weather. You can also add heaters and coolers to tent rentals to keep you and your guests comfortable. And, your wedding planner can decorate your tent to go with your wedding theme so it becomes a part of the day’s decor.

Let Loose Of Your Strict Schedule

If the next greatest thunderstorm is quickly approaching on your wedding day, consider making adjustments in your activities to accommodate Mother Nature. You can even build in these potential schedule adjustments so that your wedding planner, or other person you put in charge of the schedule, has some room to maneuver to keep everything moving. For example, if a storm hits during your outdoor wedding, consider starting the day with a cocktail reception inside and then moving back outdoor once the rain stops and the chairs can be dried off. If you miss the outdoor photographs you were hoping for before or after the wedding, think about shooting during the reception once the rain clears up. You can work with your DJ and photographer to move parts of the reception around to allow time to get those once in a lifetime shots you dreamed of.

Use These Wet Weather Beauty Tricks

Most brides would think to use waterproof mascara on their wedding day as it can be an emotional day, for sure. But if you’re planning a wedding when it may rain, consider using waterproof or water-resistant makeup for everything you put on your face. After cleansing and toning your skin, use a light moisturizer only and then add a primer. Face primer smoothes texture, boosts coverage and helps products wear better and last longer. Next use a water-resistant foundation. Brides often use airbrushing as a long-lasting application technique. Use an invisible blot powder to set your make up and take it with you wherever you go on your wedding day. It absorbs oil and takes away shine. Use a primer on your lids and opt for waterproof eyeliner as well as mascara.

For your hair, don’t try to curl up some fancy do. Instead, opt for a “rain-resistant” style like a messy bun with fringes hanging down, a formal bun, or boho braids. These styles will keep the humidity from damaging your wedding look. Also use a humidity resistant hairspray and have some frizz control product on hand to keep the strays in line.  Consider keeping your hair and makeup stylist on hand throughout the day to refresh and touch up your makeup before each phase of your special day.

Have Faith In Your Photographer

First of all, make sure you select a photographer that has experience in taking photos in all types of situations – including cloudy and rainy weather. Once you’re sure you have that, trust that they will do their job. You can get amazing photos in cloudy weather. Even in the rain, an experienced photographer can create inspirational photographs by adjusting lighting and using techniques to capture the “sparkles” as they shower you. A good photographer will also bring a few dry sheets for you to stand on to protect your dress and shoes from the wet ground and grass.

One thing you CAN do is to seek out locations that would be perfect in case of rain. Look for indoor and outdoor coverage areas that would make an interesting backdrop for your day. Maybe there is a nearby barn, park shelter, or gazebo. Try to find places that have natural outdoor light. Once you find them, ask your photographer to walk through the locations with you and compile ideas. 

Embrace Your Rain Day

If you don’t follow any other advice, follow this: Don’t let a little rain spoil the happiest day of your life! Some ways that you might do this, you ask? Have fun with the rain! Find wet weather accessories to add to your bridal party. These can include rubber rain boots and/or umbrellas in wedding colors or a rainbow of colors. If you don’t end up needing them, you can always return them. Or give them as bridal party gifts! Photos of the bride and groom snuggling under a large umbrella for a quick kiss can be completely romantic. Also, remember to add a wrap or cardigan to your wedding kit to keep yourself warm and dry between photo shoots. Super-sized umbrellas can also be used by designated helpers to usher your guests in from the rain. Or, purchase colorful umbrellas for all your guests to use during a rainy wedding ceremony. It will keep them comfortable and brighten your wedding.

These steps can help you make a rainy wedding day turn from fretful to fantastic as you enjoy the most important day of your life. With a trusted photographer, a little waterproof makeup and some backup plans, your wedding day will not be dampened by a little bad weather.