At Cabaret Tent and Party Rental, we’re proud to stock a wide variety of tentstablesstaging, and other party supplies to make any event idea a reality. But we’re more than just a party supply company: we’re your partners in putting on incredible events. One of the most important elements of any event is the lighting. The right lighting can set a mood that turns the entire night into magic – but the wrong lighting can cripple even the best-planned event. When choosing lighting, there are a number of important factors to keep in mind.


First and foremost, lighting is a major contributor to the safety of your event. Your guests need to see where they’re going to walk safely, so even if you’re throwing a party with low-light ambiance, you’ll need to insure every area is well-lit enough to be safely walkable. To do this without compromising atmosphere, look for lights with a low output brightness that light up a small area and go for a lot of them. By using many lights that aren’t very bright, you can maintain a low-light feel without sacrificing safety.


Another important aspect of lighting is the color. On the obvious end, you can opt for mood lighting of red, blue, purple, or even something more attention-grabbing like green. But even if you’re just going for white light, there are color considerations to keep in mind. Do you want everyone awake and alert at the event? If so, you’ll want to lean towards a brighter, purer white light. But if it’s a party and you’re trying to get guests to relax, you’ll want to choose an off-white light that’s closer to a dark cream color. The right color combination in your lighting is a great way to set the perfect mood for any party.


Another important consideration is photography. Are you hiring a professional photographer, or are your guests going to be taking photos throughout the event? If so, they’ll need enough light to get pictures! If you’re trying to keep a low-light ambiance, you could keep one area better-lit for photos. To find out if you’ve got the lighting right, try a dry run where you take a few photos in the space before the party to find out if you have enough lights for photography.

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