At Cabaret Tent and Party Rentals, we understand the high demands of television and film production, especially now with the COVID-19 pandemic. As a leading tent provider in Manhattan, Brooklyn, Hoboken, and Jersey City, Cabaret Party Rentals is here to help you with all of your production needs. Fortunately, we are well versed in the social distancing requirements and health safety restrictions for tv and film production. Our team can offer tent solutions, generators for film production, crafting services, and so much more! Partner with Cabaret Tent and Party Rentals for your film production tent needs!

5 Step Guide for TV & Film Production Shooting

Through our experience, Cabaret Tent Rentals has seen well organized film production and some not so organized shootings. We have an easy 5 step process to follow to ensure your tv or film production shooting stays on schedule and stays organized.

1. Scene Chronology: To help you visualize the overall storyline, put the scenes in chronological order. Setting it up chronologically will help the creative team understand what needs to be done for each scene. Of course, shooting in chronological order probably will not occur, but the initial setup can really help with organization and staying on task!

2. Filming Location: Identify all of your filming locations. This can be difficult, but it’s important to limit the number of location changes you have throughout the shooting process. By having less filming locations, you will save time on setup and sound staging.

3. Organize the Workload: Once your locations are carefully chosen, organize which resources you will need at each filming location. Resource management can be time consuming, but it’s important to understand which locations will need film production tents, generators and more.

4. Calendar Timeline: Decide on a realistic schedule for filming. Choose your shooting days wisely, give yourself enough time at each location, and do not rush through the process. When planning out your calendar, keep in mind the time of day you will need for each scene and if multiple scenes can be shot in one location.

5. Stay Flexible: Each of these planning steps will set you up for success during the shooting process. However, problems are likely to arise even if you’ve thought of everything. Stay flexible through the bumpy parts and keep moving forward on your film production in any way that you can.

Shoot Location Tech Scouting Checklist

Click on the link to download Cabaret’s Shoot Location Tech Scouting Checklist: CBR_Tech Scout Location_v1

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