Budget. It’s first on the list of concerns when planning an event, and one of the most difficult things to actually follow through on, especially when it comes to planning a major life event like a wedding. But as hard as it can be to stick to a wedding budget, it’s not impossible. Cabaret Party Rental is proud to be New York’s go-to choice for party and event equipment rentals including tents, lighting, and so much more, and we’ve helped countless couples get wedding equipment rentals in New York. We’ve seen what it really takes to plan a wedding right – so here are our tips on how to stick to a wedding budget.

Tips for Staying Under Your Wedding Budget

Struggling to keep your wedding budget within the guidelines you set for yourself? We know how hard it can be. Try these simple tips to help stick to your wedding budget and make planning your wedding a little easier:

  • Plan to Go Over Budget: It may seem counterintuitive, but one of the best ways to stay on budget is to plan to go over budget. In something as complex as a wedding, anything can go wrong, and it’s almost guaranteed you’ll pass your budget. We always recommend planning for at least 5% budget overage as a cushion against life’s many surprises.
  • Think Ahead for Hidden Costs: Tiny, unexpected costs add up fast, and often they’re the difference between staying on budget and going over. Tipping vendors, overtime fees, and things like thicker RSVP cards seem small on their own, but when taken together they can easily push you over your limit. Consider these expenses ahead of time so they don’t catch you by surprise later on.
  • Manage Money Separately: Keeping track of wedding expenses is hard enough, and it can be far more complicated when those are mixed in with day-to-day expenses. Keep your wedding money in a separate account so you can track inflows and outflows separately without mixing in normal living expenses.
  • Consolidate Your Vendors: Another killer of both time and money is coordinating between too many vendors. Getting everything from separate vendors is not only more expensive, but also a bigger hassle, especially on your special day itself. Try to get as much equipment as you can from the same vendor to bring down costs and eliminate unnecessary headaches.

Contact Your NYC Party Rental Experts

We hope these tips help you stay on your wedding budget, and if you’re in need of tent or equipment rentals for your NYC wedding, we can help you get them affordably and easily. Request a quote online today to tell us a bit about what you’re thinking and see how we can help you realize your vision. We can’t wait to hear from you, and we look forward to helping you pull off your dream wedding – all while staying on budget!