You’re planning your ideal wedding. You‘ve chosen to have your reception in a gorgeous tent and have so many ideas. The reception space must be beautiful, memorable, and fit your aesthetic. We know the importance of your wedding day—for you and for those who love and support you along your journey. We obviously love a beautiful tent wedding, so we’ve compiled a list of some of our favorite wedding tent decoration ideas. 

10 Tent Decoration Ideas to Help Your Wedding Shine

While innumerable ways to decorate your wedding tent exist, we’d like to share some of our favorite interior decoration ideas.

1. Use the Tent Poles

If your tent has poles supporting a vaulted ceiling, decorate them! Wrap the poles with garlands full of blooming flowers or leaves. Add lighting to the tent by wrapping poles with twinkling lights or bulbs. If you want a whimsical forest look, make your poles look like trees. 

2. Rugs

Whether the floor of your tent is grass, wood, or concrete, spreading beautiful rugs across the ground will create a cozy atmosphere. Place the rugs overlapping and haphazardly for a casual bohemian look, or keep them straight and orderly for a more formal reception space.

3. Hanging Greenery

In a tent, you have so much space above your head to use. Hanging greenery really accentuates the beauty of a tent, making it feel fresh and garden-like. String garlands across the tent roof, drape lighting fixtures with flowers and plants, or tie plants to clear strings to give them the appearance of floating.

4. Draped Fabric 

If a simple white ceiling feels too plain, add some gracefully draped fabric to make your space look softer and more elegant. Stick with white for a bright space, or try a dyed fabric in your wedding colors to add a subtle pop of color to your tent.

5. A Picture-Perfect Entrance

While guests can enter most tents from any side, set up a specific entry point. Decorate it with an archway, plants, lights, and flowers. Maybe even roll out a red carpetA beautifully decorated entryway is a popular gathering spot for making memories. All your guests will flock there for pictures.

6. An Area for Relaxing

Not everyone likes to dance through the whole party, especially Grandma. People may need a place to rest. We love seeing receptions with a separate space designated and decorated for relaxation. Set up a couch, comfy chairs, and pillows. Incorporate your wedding colors and flowers into the space. Not only is this an excellent place for your guests to rest and socialize, but it’s also a quiet spot where you and your new spouse can have a few calm moments before returning to the dance floor.

7. Pick the Right Chairs

Seating may be low on your list of priorities, but chairs really add to the drama and beauty of a wedding. The chairs will occupy significant tent space and appear in most of your photographs. Choose specific chair styles to fit your wedding’s theme. Your guests will love stylish and comfortable seats. 

8. Place Cards

This is a simple decoration but always a crowd-pleasing one. We know you’ve carefully selected who you’ll invite to your wedding, so why not show invitees how much you love and appreciate them? Create individual place cards for all your guests. If you want to take it further, use beautiful calligraphy, or include a sentence to thank them. If you don’t have assigned seating, that’s okay! Simply set all the cards on a table by the entrance.

9. Chandeliers

We’ve already told you how much we love beautiful lighting. A chandelier is a gorgeous addition to any tent space. Select a style you like, such as a wireframe chandelier, or go with an antique style. Dress the lamps up with flowers. You can even install dimmable lights to set the mood throughout the evening.

10. Plates and Glassware

Nothing sets the tone better than what appears on the tables. Beautiful glassware, rustic silverware, and patterned china plates give a luxurious feel to your reception. Select styles and china patterns to fit your theme or aesthetic. 

Choose Cabaret

This is your big day—the long-awaited moment. You deserve to have everything just right. Don’t settle. Let Cabaret provide your outdoor wedding tent rental and create your picture-perfect wedding. Contact us and get a quote for your special day. We can’t wait to hear about your wedding vision!