Before you even choose a date for your special day, you have to tour and choose a wedding venue. While in some cities there are hundreds to choose from, other town’s have a limited number of venues that can accommodate your wedding guests and other desires. If you’re stuck with a venue that fits your date, location, and size, but may have some other downfalls, check out our list of venue makeovers that you can do to create the perfect ambiance for your wedding day!

1. Transform the floor into a thing of beauty

Is your ballroom carpet unbearably ugly? Are you dealing with a plain concrete floor? One thing to remember is that you can use attention-grabbing focal points throughout your room to draw your guest’s attention away from the floor. Chandeliers and giant florals might do the trick. Also, you can put on your dancing shoes and rent a large dance floor to cover the primary open area. You can find dance floors made of birch, parquet, black and white and more to suit your wedding’s theme and atmosphere. You can also rent rubber base flooring and carpet event flooring can be rented in Interlocking squares that allow you to build flooring in whatever size you need. Or, if you have the budget, just unroll a brand new carpet over the top of the unsightly one. Remember, once you have a dance floor, tables, and buffet tables, you’ll be covering a good portion of your ugly floor.

2. Create an intimate setting in a large space

Sometimes there are only a few venue options in your area that will work for your timing and location. If you’re having trouble figuring out how you’re going to fill a large banquet hall with your small wedding and reception, here are a few ideas:

  • Use fabric draping to create a lower-looking ceiling, distinguish different areas and create a more sophisticated, elegant affair.
  • Use ficus trees to fill up open spaces and/or create separate areas. You may be able to rent them from a garden center. Add LED twinkle lights for more atmosphere.
  • Use twinkle lights around large columns and/or place plants or flowers on top of them.
    or other plants, or large pieces of furniture to break up the space and create visual points of interest
  • If they have drop ceilings, an excellent option is using fishline hooked around the ceiling tile beams or plastic hooks that fit around the framing to hang decorations or lights down from.
  • Rent a wedding arch and decorate with lights, greenery, flowers. This will draw everyone’s eyes away from the ugly walls and to the bride and groom, where it should be!
  • Rent bar stools and tables to break up an area for guests to visit away from the music
  • Consider hanging long centerpieces or sparkling chandeliers low so they hang just over the tables and provide some romance

3. Update your venue’s ugly or outdated walls

If you’re battling ugly walls that are either covered in outdated wallpaper and/or an ugly paint color that doesn’t go with your wedding colors, don’t despair. There are some things that you can do to bring the attention away from the walls or mask their ugliness. Keep the focus on more interesting and exciting features. Uplighting is super trendy right now and can create a totally different and unique look to your venue’s walls. Project patterns or moving images onto your walls. If ugly curtains are getting you down, you can drape an alternate material over them. If you want to cover up what might be on the walls altogether, consider renting pipe and drapery.

4. Rent chairs that impress

Some venues have “free” chairs included in the venue price, but once you take a look at them you will realize why they are free. You want the chairs your guests sit in to not only be comfortable, but to attractively complement your wedding theme or style. Party rentals like Cabaret Tent and Party Rental in New York City offer a variety of chairs to choose from and will deliver, set up, and pick up from any wedding venue in the New York City area. You can also create a more comfortable lounge area with vintage loveseats and loungers or more rustic wooden benches.

Find All Your Party Needs At Cabaret Tent and Party Rental

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